Ballina – The Hidden Jewel of New South Wales

Ballina is a coastal holiday town located at the verdant countryside of the Northern Rivers region in New South Wales. It sits on the mouth of the vast Richmond River and is surrounded by excellent beaches and sweeping waterways, making it seem like an island paradise waiting to be discovered. It can be reached through the Ballina airport via a short plane ride from Melbourne or Sydney, or if you’d like to enjoy the scenic southern route, land at the Gold Coast airport and take a leisurely drive on the coastal highway which leads you straight to this little paradise in just over an hour.

Ballina features miles of coastlines and stunning beaches that are usually sparsely populated, allowing guests to enjoy and immerse in the immensely satisfying feeling of freedom from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will be surprised to find yourself alone with Mother Nature, windswept by the Pacific breeze that gently blows and calms the senses. With its sub-tropical climate perfectly complementing the scene of serenity, Ballina is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. This holiday village provides a breath of fresh air with all the comforts you need within easy reach.

Enjoy 32 kilometers of unspoiled and uncrowded beaches perfect for swimming, snorkeling, water skiing and everything else you want to do under the sun, or if you prefer freshwater adventures then head off and explore the crystal clear waters on Ballina’s endless streams, lakes and estuaries. Fishing, sailing, boating and kayaking are great water sports activities in this town’s waterways, or if you want to see the beauty of Ballina from a bird’s eye view take to the skies and rent out a helicopter ride that flies you above to see the whole coast and the neighboring towns. Four wheel drive action also happens at some of Ballina’s sand dunes with some seaside sports shops renting out four wheelers to those who need a bit more adrenaline rush. Those who prefer to take things slow can also hire horses which they can ride on the town’s deserted coastlines. Whole families, especially the kids, will surely enjoy boat rides filled with unbelievable treats such as watching whales and dolphins frolic nearby.

Everything you need for an unbelievable getaway is in Ballina. Walk downtown and enjoy boutique shopping at classy shops, or try out the local market that offers locally made products, sit down in cosy cafes and bars and mingle with the friendly locals, wine and dine in this regions finest restaurants that serve award-winning cuisine or simply take a stroll at the different parks around town, you’ll never run out of things to do in this quaint little paradise.

Ballina accommodation is also highly acclaimed by travel agencies, magazines and trip advisors, calling it one of Australia’s best in terms of hospitality and world-class service. Accommodation in Ballina is relatively affordable with amenities that offer priceless comforts away from home. Check out Ballina’s best accommodation facility at Ballina Travellers Lodge, a top-rated motel that offers beautifully appointed rooms and unmatched service quality for travelers who need a great place to stay at in paradise.

We invite you to discover Ballina, the hidden jewel of New South Wales!